Miya’s Sushi

Kate and I visited Miya’s Sushi during New Haven Restaurant Week.  We had the most creative and nonconventional sushi eating experience ever.  If you live in the New Haven area and you haven’t been, you really should go.  Though I didn’t love everything we had that night, I did enjoy most of it.  Most of all, I really loved the entertainment factor Miya’s offered.  The menu alone is worth a trip.  I am continually amused by the names of some of the rolls like Ride The Wild Donkey, Hot-Headed Cowgirl and The Bad Tempered Geisha Boy.  Also, with rolls like the Passion Without Words and Softest French Kisses, you just might get lucky if you bring a date.

An added bonus was we got to meet the chef-owner, Bun Lai, who is not only incredibly talented and but also very easy on the eyes. 😉

For more pictures and Kate’s full review:http://thecoquettishcook.blogspot.com/2009/11/miyas-sushi-new-haven.html

Miya’s  Sushi website:http://miyassushi.com/index.html


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