Quaker Diner

There is nothing better than greasy diner food on a weekend morning, especially after a night of drinking and dancing.  That is exactly what a friend and I did one snowy Saturday morning after we both woke up with a hangover. We decided to go to Quaker Diner which is an antique railroad dining-car style diner in West Hartford.

It was pretty close to noon by the time we arrived and there was a wait. The seating is based on a first come, first serve, seat yourself arrangement. If you can’t tell from the picture, its pretty small and narrow inside and it was slightly awkward to hover over the already seated patrons. But, hover we did and we scored a booth after waiting about 15 minutes.

The menu has exactly what you’d expect on any diner menu, the many combinations of eggs that come with toast and home fries, with choices of bacon (American and Canadian) or sausage, and omelets, pancakes, French toast. The coffee was the usual weak diner coffee, as expected – but good enough to do its job. Like one of my favorite celebrity chefs, Michael Symon, one of my favorite diner foods of all time is corned beef hash. What’s not to love about the salty, hearty, comforting goodness that is corned beef hash? My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

The food was pretty standard. Everything was pretty good with the exception of the turkey sausage. We got a side order to share and they were sort of flavorless and had a weird texture. Next time, I will go for the real thing.

I was amused by the Life’s Instruction Book chalkboard which the staff updates daily. On the day we went:

74) When traveling by plane don’t pack valuables or important paper in your suitcase. Carry them on board with you.

Off to dream about corned beef hash…

Quaker Diner
319 Park Road
West Hartford, CT


Osaka Sushi

I am lucky to have friends in the area who allow me to subject them to hours and hours of psychological testing for practice administration and report writing for my Psychological Assessment I, II, and III courses.  I reward them with food.  After one of these testing sessions, I took my friend out to dinner at Osaka Sushi in Middletown.  Here is the experience in photos:


Kani Salad

Seaweed Salad

Miso Soup

Triple Osakayan roll

beautiful soy paper wrapped around each roll

Spicy Triplet and Salmon Skin

very delicious crunchies